Jason Cardiff was born in Southern California and has lived his life a do it hard entrepreneur. Mr. Cardiff has built some of the country’s most well-known brands. Mr. Cardiff is a first mover in innovative technology and has built some great global companies. One of Mr. Cardiff’s greatest accomplishments outside of his family, was his ability to defend himself and his company against the Federal Trade Commission’s Claim that they were entitled to Monetary damages because of his revolutionary Stop Smoking product. The litigation was one of the first of its kind that Mr. Cardiff and his team won successfully as to any monetary damages. This coming as part of the ruling that took place in the United States Supreme court as to monetary relief under 13b.

  • Jason Cardiff


  • London, Mayfair

  • (C) 1-646-503-7884

  • (UK) +44-7520-624257

  • (ROI) +353-89604-9238

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